A man accused of assaulting a bus driver allegedly burned a police officer with a lit cigarette while he was on the run


SINGAPORE – An elderly man, who had an arrest warrant issued last December after he allegedly assaulted a bus driver, was arrested earlier this week and is now charged with other offenses while he was on the run.

Ahmad Robinson, 70, appeared in district court on Friday (February 11) and was charged with multiple counts, including burning a female police officer with a lit cigarette.

Ahmad had previously made headlines after he and Aziz Khan Sher Khan, 61, allegedly failed to wear their masks properly when they boarded the 2 bus service around 11am on November 2 last year .

Police said in a statement at the time that the two Singaporean men became upset when bus driver Hew Kim Keong reported the matter to them.

The two men then allegedly rained blows on Mr Hew, causing him to suffer a broken nasal bone. Police arrested Ahmad and Khan later that day.

On November 3 last year, they were each charged with one count of willfully causing serious injury to Mr Hew, 62.

Khan pleaded guilty for his role in the attack and was sentenced to 10 months in prison in December.

He was also ordered to spend an additional 24 days behind bars because he committed the offense while in remission during a previous prison sentence.

Meanwhile, Ahmad failed to appear in court and an arrest warrant was issued for him on December 1 last year.

He was later arrested and received his final charges on Friday.

According to court documents, he committed an act of mischief at a building on Changi Village Road on November 29 last year by cutting off the GPS electronic tag that the Singapore Prison Service had issued to him as part of its prison terms. prior bail, causing $600 in damages.

Electronic tags are issued to some suspected offenders and the devices are used to monitor their movements while they are released on bail.

He was on the run when he allegedly threatened two people with a knife in a Tampines apartment around 5.40pm on Wednesday February 9.


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