Argentina E-Cigarette Market 2022 Regulatory Report: Vaping Subject to Same Restrictions on Use in Public Places as Conventional Cigarettes –


The report “Regulatory Report: The E-Cigarette Market in Argentina, March 2022” has been added to from offer.

This report is for anyone with an interest in the E-Cigarette market in Argentina or as part of the South American markets. It covers the current state and future prospects of e-cigarettes in Argentina.

All sales of e-cigarettes are currently banned. Vaping itself is subject to the same restrictions on use in public places as conventional cigarettes.

The report details the legal status of e-cigs today and details some of the proposed bills that may affect it in the future, although none are expected to pass in the foreseeable future.

It also details the regulations in place for tobacco products in general which also apply to e-cigs, covering age limits, public use, advertising and health warnings, with comments on how whose proposed future legislation would affect them.

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

2 Perspectives

3 Argentina: the basics

4 National regulatory framework

5 Age Restrictions

6 Product Restrictions

7 Labeling and Packaging Restrictions

8 Duty to notify

9 Retail Channel Restrictions

10 Public use

11 Advertising and marketing

12 Taxation

13 relevant laws

14 organizations involved

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