B Corp launches sustainability-focused pop-up in London | News


B Corp UK has launched a corner shop-inspired space that aims to raise awareness of eco-friendly brands rather than sell them.

The pop-up store concept, dubbed Good News, will feature 300 ambient, fresh, chilled and frozen products from more than 100 British B Corp certified brands, including Cook, Tony’s Chocoloney, Vita Coco, Dash Water, Ella’s Kitchen and Pukka tea. .

The goal is to teach consumers how they can ‘buy better’ by highlighting products that have ‘sustainability and community at their heart’. No products will be sold to consumers, however, in an effort to emphasize “purpose rather than profit”, he added.

The project was developed in partnership with the communication company Freuds.

“More of our customers see the B Corp logo as a sign of credibility,” said Cook co-CEOs Ed Perry and Rosie Brown. “They want to shop ethically, and the B means a brand is following suit, not just talking about ethical trade.

“We urge people to ask brands why they aren’t B Corps.”

Good News will also offer a free Healthy Nibbles vending machine that uses social media as currency, a payphone with a direct line to Freuds for free PR advice, and a lotto for a good cause with social impact and benefits. community prices. .

There will also be a “fresh air” box behind the crate instead of a cigarette cabinet.

B Lab UK executive director Chris Turner said: “After two years in a virtual world, seeing this come to life in the real world is particularly exciting – a physical anchor that our community needs to bounce back and hopefully , the beginning of something special. ”

Good News is built with recycled materials and all product waste will be donated to Project Felix, where it will be distributed to local community projects and those in need.

It launched on Rathbone Place in central London and will be open March 1-31, Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm.


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