Breathtaking moment Ukrainian man carries bomb while smoking cigarette – Reuters


The chilling video shows a Ukrainian man picking up what is believed to be an explosive device and carrying it down the road as he smokes a cigarette before driving it deep into the forest out of harm’s way.

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A Ukrainian man moves an explosive device while smoking a cigarette

An ordinary Ukrainian moved what appeared to be an explosive device away from the road, casually carrying it with his bare hands while smoking a cigarette.

Social media has been flooded with countless videos of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In the southeastern Ukrainian town of Berdyansk, where Russian troops reportedly took control overnight, a man appears unfazed by the fact that he is carrying a deadly explosive device in both hands.

Wearing only a black coat and blue jeans, he cradles the mine in his hands as he crosses the road.

As he crosses the road, the cameraman is heard laughing.

He enters the trees on the other side and continues walking, holding the device as far away from him as possible.

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The Ukrainian doesn’t bother to put out his cigarette before moving what appears to be a deadly explosive device


Social networks / news east2west)

The video was widely shared on social media


Social networks / news east2west)

As he does so, we hear cars passing behind him.

He goes deep into the woods to try to place the reported mine away from anyone.

It is not known if the reported device was live at the time and the man has not been identified.

It comes as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, but the cities of Kiev and Kharkiv survived another night of fighting.

According to British and Ukrainian defense sources, Russian President Vladimir Putin had hoped to conquer Ukraine, its capital and major cities in just 48 hours.

The invasion, which began nearly 100 hours ago, is still fiercely resisted by Ukrainian soldiers who fought around the two largest cities.

Despite frequent bombardments and missile attacks, the capital remains free from Russian control.

On top of that, the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine would now be under Ukrainian control again.

Russia’s advance on the Ukrainian capital, Kiev


Images from the press association)

Donetsk is located in the easternmost region of the country and is deeply embedded in separatist territories backed by Russia since 2014.

The city would have been on the verge of a humanitarian crisis.

Even as fighting continues, peace talks began yesterday between Ukraine and Belarus.

After a first meeting yesterday, the talks should continue this afternoon.

A Ukrainian Territorial Defense fighter examines a destroyed Russian armored personnel carrier after fighting in Kharkiv


AFP via Getty Images)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, once a Paddington Bear spokesman, said on Sunday he must seize every opportunity to secure peace as Ukraine is due to meet Russia for peace talks.

He said: “I don’t really believe in the result of this meeting, but let them try to ensure that no Ukrainian citizen later doubts that I, as president, tried to stop the war, when there was even a small , but still a chance.”

However, even as peace talks are underway, Belarus is set to hold a referendum on whether or not the country should have nuclear weapons.

A building in Kiev damaged by Russian rocket fire


AFP via Getty Images)

On top of that, there are reports that the country may be sending troops to Ukraine to help the beleaguered invasion, the Kyiv Independent reported.

The country remained a key Russian ally throughout the invasion, and part of the Russian attack crossed the country, across its border.

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