China strengthens the management of electronic cigarettes


A visitor checks an e-cigarette at an exhibition in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.[Photo provided to China Daily]

A national electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) business management platform will be launched on June 15, according to China’s State Tobacco Monopoly Administration.

Establishing a unified e-cigarette exchange platform is a key part of regulating the e-cigarette market and promoting the orderly functioning of the industry, the administration said on Wednesday. its official website.

Since then, all e-cigarette production, wholesale and retail entities that have obtained licenses will gradually start trading on this unified platform, the administration added.

E-cigarette use in China is on the rise, and authorities are taking steps to regulate e-cigarettes in terms of product safety and quality.

China’s market regulator, the State Administration for Market Regulation, unveiled national standards for e-cigarettes on April 8. The standards, which will come into effect from October 1, state that all e-cigarette products must be manufactured in accordance with national regulations. standards.

Last month, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration issued regulations aimed at strengthening oversight of e-cigarettes. According to the regulations, the country will implement license management for e-cigarette production, wholesale and retail entities from May 1.

Efforts will be made to regulate e-cigarettes in terms of production, transportation, import and export, the regulation says.


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