CISLAC calls for an increase in the tax on tobacco products


Said the tobacco companies in Nig make more profit, pay less tax

By Steve Oko

The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Center, CISLAC, has urged the federal government to increase taxes on tobacco products, arguing that tobacco companies in Nigeria make more profits but pay less taxes.

The head of the CISLAC program, Mr. Okeke Anya, who launched the call during a training to enlighten media professionals in Abia on tobacco taxation, argued that the measure would help to discourage tobacco consumption.

He expressed concern about the serious health dangers of tobacco consumption, saying that increasing taxes will help minimize the health consequences associated with tobacco use.

Mr. Anya also expressed his dissatisfaction with the laxity in the enforcement of anti-smoking laws, a development which he said has resulted in a huge loss of revenue for the government.

He therefore called for strict enforcement of the laws on the sale and consumption of tobacco, as enshrined in the Nigerian Tobacco Control Regulations of 2019.

The CISLAC program manager advised tobacco users against dependence on the product because of its dangerous health implications.

He also instructed parents and guardians to watch their children and wards very closely, as tobacco companies have innovated in new ways to package the harmful product.

According to him, processed tobacco contains around 7,000, most of which are cancerous.

He also said that passive smoking (staying near a tobacco smoker and inhaling the smoke); and passive smoking (entering an environment where few cigarettes were smoked) had serious health consequences.

He said any exposure to tobacco is harmful and advised consumers and those around them to take the necessary precautions.

CISLAC program manager Solomon Adga briefed workshop participants on the role of media in tobacco control and the use of digital advocacy tools for tobacco tax campaigns.

Earlier in a remark, the executive director of the Ideal Development and Empowerment Leadership Initiative, IDEAL Nigeria, Pastor Innocent Nwokocha, said the training was organized to educate media professionals in Abia on tobacco taxation. .

This, he explained, was part of the holistic tobacco control strategy.

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