Cockroach Dragging a Cigarette in New York Leaves the Internet in Two; Watch


The internet often highlights stories and incidents that can win people’s hearts. Recently, a video of a cockroach smoking a cigarette went viral on social media and gives the “Pizza Rat” a run for his money as New York’s most daring vermin. The viral video, posted on Instagram, is as entertaining as it is fun.

In the now-viral clip, a cockroach was seen dragging a cigarette butt as it walked away from the person filming it. However, the person continued to film the insect as it stopped near the wall. The video garnered around 512,000 views. “Roach just trying to smoke in peace,” the post’s caption read. It also racked up around 23,000 likes along with comments.

Take a look at the video:

However, according to the New York Post, it was not the first cockroach to smoke. In 2019, a palmetto bug was filmed carrying a cigarette through a sewer grate. Either way, these two “cockroach smokers” deserve attention alongside the Pizza Rat.

For the uninitiated, this fast food-loving rodent went viral in 2015 after he was filmed dragging a crispy slice down the steps of the subway in an iconic New York scene. Pizza Rat achieved such legendary status that the Yankees minor league team temporarily changed its name to the Staten Island Pizza Rats in 2018.

Internet users react to the viral video

The video racked up mixed reactions from users on Instagram. These creepy little creatures are winning all over the internet. One user commented, “How dare he! He’s not 25ft from the entrance (sic)”. A second user wrote, “New York cockroaches don’t lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s stress (sic)”. A third user commented, “This is one of the cockroaches from Men in Black (sic)”.

(Image: @whatisnewyork/Instagram)


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