County approves $ 0.12 per pack tax on cigarettes | News


Voorhees explained that the tax is paid by the distributor when the distributor passes the stamped cigarettes to the retailer. Retailers would be given a 90-day window to sell their existing inventory before being required to have stamped cigarette packs in stock.

“We are trying to make it as flexible as possible for retailers,” noted Voorhees.

Once the public hearing opened, a speaker, Adam Bryington, owner of the Edwards store in Rhoadesville, had registered to speak.

I just don’t feel like as a tax it’s fair, ”he said. “Personally, I don’t smoke. It’s not going to affect me. But I don’t think it’s a global tax, I don’t think it’s a fair tax.

Bryington said he initially believed the tax would hurt his business, but, further researching the matter, determined it likely wouldn’t. However, he believed the tax would disproportionately affect the poorest people.

“It appears that about 25% of smokers in our country are at or below the poverty line. Once you hit the $ 100,000 per year threshold for family income, it drops to 8%, ”he said. “Taking that into account, if you have a husband and wife who are a two-person household and they live on the poverty line, which I believe is set at $ 17,420 a year, at two hundred a cigarette, which equates to 40 cents a packet. , in a habit of two packets a day, this amounts to a county tax of $ 584 on this family which represents 3.5% of their total income. It’s a lot.”


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