Drink customers want to be shocked


ALEXANDRIA, Virginia — Consumers, especially younger generations, want soda flavors with a “shock factor,” according to a study by GlobalData, reports Beverage Daily. In particular, the unique, unusual and LTO flavors play into the FOMO (fear of running out) of the younger generations, creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency.

A third of American consumers decide to buy a new flavor of soft drink because they are curious, according to the study by GlobalData. Traditional flavors of soft drinks like cola, pepper, and lemon-lime have declined a total of 4.3% last year, and while these flavors are still the most popular, the decrease shows that there are has more room for unique LTO flavors to enter the space.

“These experimental shock-factor drinks are pulling on ‘FOMO’ chains, especially when a lot of buzz is generated across different platforms,” George Shaw, beverage analyst at GlobalData, told Beverage Daily.

An example of a unique LTO was Mountain Dew’s Flamin Hot Mountain Dew, which was limited to two six-packs per order, creating a sense of exclusivity around the product.

As seen at NACS 2021, spicy flavors are all the rage right now, but GlobalData has found that floral flavors, such as rose, violet and elderflower, are gaining popularity.

Category managers always face the challenge of choosing the right mix of brands and products to meet customer expectations and retain customers, not only for their favorite snacks, drinks and tobacco, but also to help them discover New Products. . In July, NACS Magazine reviewed brands that drive inside sales, as well as advice from category managers for accelerating growth.


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