Edgewater bans the sale of flavored tobacco products in a unanimous city council vote.


The sale of flavored tobacco products, including flavored electronic cigarettes, menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars, has been banned at Edgewater.

Edgewater City Council voted unanimously (6-0) on Tuesday to end sales of flavored tobacco, becoming the sixth city in Colorado to adopt such restrictions, according to an Edgewater press release.

“Today we have taken an important step towards reducing tobacco initiation and tobacco dependence in our community,” said Micha Rosenoer, board member. “Edgewater has had the opportunity to lead this issue, and we as board members have a responsibility to our constituents to put their health and their lives first over the profits of the industry. I am proud of what we have done here today, for our children and the future of our community.

According to the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey 2019, 26% of young people in Jefferson County reported using e-cigarettes in a 30-day period, the statement said. Among youth who smoke conventional cigarettes, 28% reported smoking menthol cigarettes.

The ban will help protect young people from tobacco addiction, advance health equity and save lives, especially among black and Hispanic residents, the statement said.

“We congratulate the Town of Edgewater on becoming the first community in Jefferson County to come up with a strong policy to fight flavored tobacco and reduce the death toll from tobacco,” said Dr. Dawn Comstock, Executive Director of Jefferson County Public Health. “By eliminating the sale of attractive and child-friendly flavors in all tobacco products, this policy will advance public health, improve health equity and save lives. We look forward to partnering with Edgewater to support ongoing retailer education and compliance activities during the implementation phase of this critical policy. “

Edgewater is joining Aspen, Boulder, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs and Snowmass Village in banning the sale of flavored tobacco products, the statement said. A number of other cities, including Denver, are currently considering similar measures.

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