Flavored tobacco products banned in Denver from mid-2023



DENVER (KDVR) – City council members have voted to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products in the city and county of Denver.

The votes leading up to Monday night’s full vote were passed with overwhelming support for the sales halt, but vape store owners feel they didn’t have a fair chance to fight back.

The ban, approved by an 8 to 3 vote, will only become official after obtaining the signature of Mayor Michael Hancock.

“The mayor will take the next few days to review the legislation, understand its potential impacts and implications, and then decide whether or not to sign the bill,” said Theresa Marchetta, director of strategic communications and media policy at Hancock.

This measure was very likely to pass, as only one member voted against, moving to a full vote.

The measure received strong support from the council

With a few stores specializing in selling these items, they say they are looking at what to expect for their livelihood.

Denver vaping store owners believe a ban would bankrupt them.

“It took us a lifetime to build our dreams and ironically it’s going to take us a 10 second vote to destroy everything we’ve built,” said Phil Guerin, owner of Myxed Up Creations.

“Over 90% of our store’s inventory will be illegal if this happens today. The majority of our adult customers, those who have smoked for decades, tend to choose flavors that are not tobacco because they don’t want to be constantly reminded of what they’re trying to quit all the time. Cignot Colorado said co-owner Monica Vondruska.

Vondruska said she has always sold only to adults and it now appears the city is unfairly penalizing her, but proponents of the proposal say the products don’t need to be available to anyone else. Denver.

“We have to treat this as a huge public health problem. Smoking, tobacco addiction, is an adult problem. We have to tackle it at all levels: they (the children) get their products from the elderly. So this ban must take that into account, ”said Dr. Robin Deterding, head of the Respiratory Institute at Colorado Children’s Hospital.

The council asked the council to consider adding an amendment to allow people 21 and over to purchase the items, as well as calling for the exclusion of certain flavors like menthol. None of these made the final cut.

“Smoking is the number one killer in the United States. Menthol is the main vector of death and disease, mainly in poor communities and communities of color. Getting them out of this community will save lives, ”said Dr Phillip Gardiner of the African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council.

Exemptions have been made for cigars, hookah and pipe tobacco. If the ban gets the mayor’s signature, stores will have to implement it from July 2023.



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