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Move among New York designers and LA concept artists. Put Hollywood fashionistas and celebrities aside. The world of yachting entered Art Basel Miami Beach on multiple platforms this week.

The founding art and design event – which was virtual last year because of Covid – has generally been geared towards fashion and fine art, but this week has seen automakers, aircraft designers and now, yacht builders, claiming spaces in galleries and showrooms to show off new designs, or simply being a patron of the arts.

Sanlorenzo has sponsored various artists over the past four years, organizing visual artist exhibitions at Art Basel in Switzerland since 2017, as well as sponsoring artistic gatherings in Italy. This week he became present at Art Basel Miami Beach. “Our owners are almost all art collectors,” said Sergio Buttiglieri, style director of Sanlorenzo, giving one of the reasons the yacht brand decided to become visible in the art world. He also said the sponsorships were an attempt to open up the “closed environment” for the yachting industry, which often “does not appreciate the inclusion of other languages”.

Tempest decided to launch its Jet Ski / RIB Art Basel Miami Beach boat due to its international reach.

Courtesy of Tempest Energy Platform

On Wednesday, Sanlorenzo hosted a work by American artist McArthur Binion titled “Cobalto,” which used Italian blue inks, at the Collector’s Lounge in Miami.

Marco Segato, CEO of Sanlorenzo of the Americas, said Robb Report the yacht builder wanted to present an American artist at the event. “His painting is also minimalist and conceptual, which is similar to what we do with many of our interior decorations,” Segato said, adding that Sanlorenzo more often includes visual artists in his design work.

The manufacturer also sponsored a roundtable by Flash Art, a contemporary art magazine, during the event.

Sanlorenzo Cobalto at ART Basel Miami Beach

McArthur Binion’s “Cobalto” was sponsored by Sanlorenzo Yachts. The artist used cobalt blue ink from Italy and the yacht builder says the work reflects his dedication to the sea.

Courtesy of Sanlorenzo Yachts

Tempest Energy Platform yesterday launched its $ 500,000 jet ski and RIB package at TheArsenale. Lead designer J. David Weiss said the startup chose Art Basel Miami Beach because it had a “cosmopolitan and international presence.”

At first, showing off the Maverick GT jet ski may seem odd at a fine art and fashion event, rather than a conventional boat show. But the electric jet ski, which had its futuristic printed motor exposed to the side, is so advanced in design and technology that Art Basel was the place to cause a stir. It was designed as a toy for superyachts and a rescue tool for surfers in giant waves.

The Maverick is at “the intersection of luxury, sustainability and innovation,” said Weiss, which makes Art Basel a good launching point. “We look forward to having these conversations as we share our vision with the world,” he said.

Art Basel Miami Beach has a large yacht presence

Want to own a six-motor Tirranna Cigarette in the Metaverse? One is auctioned off in an NFT auction.

Courtesy cigarette race

Cigarette Racing, which manufactures performance boats from its headquarters in Opa-Locka, near Miami, has also organized two events called “Boat to Basel”. Last night, artist Alec Monopoly custom painted the hull of a cigarette boat, while guest DJs like Mike and Charly Jordan provided the music, at a trendy venue called Maps Backlot.

The company is also now sponsoring an auction of seven NFTs, including a free cigarette logo for attendees. The auction will range from the logo to the NFT artwork, a virtual 59-foot Tirranna offshore boat, with the sounds of six Mercury outboards. He works with, which organized the NFTs. A spokesperson said the NFT auction was part of Cigarette’s effort to “breathe new life into the brand” from its reputation as a successful boatbuilder to a more forward-looking business.

Most of the items auctioned will come with “additional duties,” the spokesperson said, to increase bids. The winning bidder of the virtual Tirranna, for example, will have a day on a real Tirranna sponsored by the boatbuilder, while other additions include Cigarette’s new clothing line, which he will promote at the show. event.


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