ICCPP has signed a “Compliant Business Commitment” to build the future of the compliant e-cigarette industry


Shenzhen, China, August 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About July 27, 2022to the witness of the Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of the China Chamber of Electronic Commerce, John Dunnchief executive of the British Electronic Cigarette Industry Association (UKVIA), Dustin Dahlmann and Cipri Boboico-founders of the European Electronic Cigarette Association (IEVA), Peter Davydoff, Chief Press Officer of the Russian Nicotine Alliance and Daniel DavidPresident of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Association of Canada (VITA), the world-famous electronic atomization technology green enterprise, ICCPP and representatives of 57 other electronic cigarette companies jointly signed the “Compliant Business Commitment “, which promised to strictly follow the regulations and requirements of the electronic cigarette industry in China and export destination countries and regions, produce safely, operate in compliance, and effectively fulfill the commitment not to sell e-cigarettes to minors, etc.

The E-Cigarette Special Committee is one of the largest e-cigarette industry alliances in Chinawith over 600 member companies, including world-renowned e-cigarette brands and manufacturing companies such as ICCPP, Smoore, Relx, SMOK and FirstUnion Group.

After the signing ceremony, Everest Zhao, vice chairman of the special committee of electronic cigarette in China and founder of ICCPP, spoke as a representative of the participating companies and first expressed his gratitude to the special committee. for organizing this event. Everest said compliance has always been ICCPP’s main strategic objective. With the introduction of vaping policies and rules in various countries, the e-cigarette industry has moved from self-regulation to co-regulation, which has put forward specific requirements on business orientation and business strategy. . Everest also pointed out that China The e-cigarette industry has a long way to go in terms of compliance. Companies should actively implement compliance within the common construction, work together towards the standard, and be willing to take social responsibility, so as not to break long-term development due to small profits.

It is understood that ICCPP has been a pioneer in electronic cigarette industry compliance. As soon as July 12, 2021, the ICCPP took the initiative to sign the “pledge not to sell e-cigarettes to minors”, pledging to better protect minors from electronic atomization products and legal affairs; ICCPP has also participated in the development of the group standards “General Technical Specifications of Electronic Cigarette Devices” and “Technical Specifications of Safety of E-Liquids”, and established clear guidelines and requirements on the production, testing, inspection, management, service and other behaviors. of e-cigarettes and e-liquids, actively promoting the healthy development of a standards-oriented industry. Late last year, the new electronic cigarette industry policy was released, then ICCPP was the first to express strong support, advocated to lead the industry with technology innovation and adopt it with an open mind, and also the first to introduce compliant products at the IECIE Shenzhen eCig Expo (IECIE Shenzhen), taking the lead in the field of compliance.

Recently, ICCPP has successfully passed the audit of Shenzhen Airport and won the qualification of “Shenzhen Airport Electronic Atomization Products White List Enterprise”, which will subsequently benefit from the differentiated security inspection services provided by Shenzhen airport. Different from the ordinary safety inspection standards, the “identification standards for electronic atomization products white list enterprises” and “operational guidelines for air export differentiated safety inspection” studied and published by Shenzhen airport and relevant test units, have made almost strict provisions on the design and production of batteries on overheating, flash point, nicotine concentration and detection of toxic substances of the oil, and even whether there is an anti-leakage process during transportation, as well as the standardization and systematization of electronic cigarette production process and logistics traceability from the perspective of transportation safety. It is a remarkable recognition and credit from the authorities for the quality of the vape and the management of the logistics. It can be said that companies entering the whitelist of Shenzhen airport must not only be one step ahead in the transportation process, but also must achieve impeccable success in the whole process, from R&D , design, manufacturing to logistics and transport.

ICCPP’s logistics compliance is the result of years of systematized and forward-looking compliance strategy. The systematic construction and development based on the industrial chain model is the strategic axis of the sustainable operation of ICCPP. Since 2019, ICCPP has established a Global Compliance Department to continuously study global market compliance trends, including not only national regulations, but also PMTA in the UNITED STATES (ICCPP is one of the first Chinese enterprise groups to apply for PMTA) and TPD3 in Europe. So far, ICCPP has put in place a proven and operational compliance mechanism and has accumulated considerable practical experience in responding to the various regulatory markets around the world. For example, its test center has been able to analyze and support access tests to major electronic atomized markets such as UNITED STATES, Europe, South East Asiaetc

To promote the benign development of the global e-cigarette market and practically solve the market access blocking problem faced by e-cigarette companies, ICCPP ODM+ has recently developed a set of compliance market solution services worldwide, dedicated to helping domestic and foreign companies navigate regulatory complexity and accelerate speed to new markets, and share with the industry the systematic operating experience and compliance achievements over the years.

Focusing on the brand strategy of “technology innovation, safety standard, direct access to users and global breakthrough” and taking self-development and self-innovation as the core, ICCPP gathers more of 500 world’s top electron atomization researchers and establishes a superb Everest Lab at home and abroad, continuously integrating the core technologies of four research institutes: basic materials, life science, innovative technology and chip development of atomization, and pursuing the highest technical standards and the latest technological breakthroughs in the industry. ICCPP has obtained nearly 2,000 technical patents so far and has 6 GMP standards and requirements meeting the manufacturing bases covering an area of ​​more than 120,000 square meters. With its first-class manufacturing level and the accumulation of industrial chain green business models, ICCPP has the confidence and ability to give global partners high-end electronic atomized technology products and services.

With the vision of becoming a leading and respected health technology enterprise, ICCPP focuses on the innovation and development of electronic atomization technology and related product services, and is committed to creating a win-win ecosystem covering front-end technology solutions, core components R&D and manufacturing, product design and production, supply chain management, logistics and transportation, and sales and after-sales services, and redefines people-oriented “customer-atomization-industry” integration and the new way of vaping connection, to share the beautiful vaping life experience brought by innovative technology with global users.


Founded in 2014 and based in Shenzhen, ICCPP has become a global comprehensive ecological atomization technology enterprise integrating electronic atomization technology research, product design, modern intellectual manufacturing and brand operation. As a reference company in the vaping industry, ICCPP has a leading electronic atomizing solution supplier brand ODM+ and two well-known brands VOOPOO and ZOVOO, and 8 branch offices around the world, including UNITED STATES, Canada, GermanyUK, France, Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia. The company has covered 100,000 offline outlets in more than 70 countries and regions around the world, providing more than 30 million consumers with wonderful vaping products and services.

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