Inside SOTW Mag: Miller Time With Cigarette 41 Nighthawk and Skater 368


When your experience in the powerboat industry spans decades combined, writing about things that most boaters can only dream of happens more often than us, myself.

and Matt Trulio — even direct. But this memorable story, which falls into the ‘if only’ category for just about any performance boat enthusiast, makes no doubt when it comes to dreaming of what it would be like to take delivery of two. all new, totally iconic. models with the best outboard power packages available from Mercury Race in less than two months on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.

Between their new Cigarette racing team 41 Nighthawk and Skater Motor Boats 368, Tyler and Lindsey Miller have the best of both worlds. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Pull 2 ​​thrills.

The main reason I will always remember this one is that I have to be a small part of the story. I was there to see Tyler and Lindsey Miller’s reaction when their Skater Powerboats 368 catamaran – the 36-foot Mercury Racing 450R-powered twin that they had been waiting for over a year – was delivered to them at Nautical performance center in Osage Beach, Missouri, on the Friday morning before the fun part of the Cigarette Owners’ Date in mid-June.

And a few hours later on the way back after lunch at Coconuts Caribbean Beach

Bar and Grill, Tyler Miller, who owns and operates the M CON Skater Powerboats catamaran in the offshore racing Supercat class with support from his Kansas-based M CON construction company, asked if I wanted to drive the new console. Central 41 Nighthawk of his family from Cigarette. Racing Team which they took delivery of at the beginning of May. I had no hesitation in getting behind the wheel of the luxury performance center console powered by four Mercury Racing 450R engines, and it was an incredibly fun boat to drive.

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