Instagram testing tools to make it easier to find sponsors for creators, IT News, AND CIOs

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is testing new tools to make it easier for creators to make money from its service.

The app is now testing affiliate stores, a feature it first showcased at its Creator Week event in June, and a dedicated “partnerships” inbox, Engadget reports.

Affiliate stores are an extension of existing Facebook shopping features, which are already widely available. But the latest version of storefronts allows creators to link to products that are already part of their affiliate agreements.

Creators will earn commissions when their followers purchase products from those stores, according to the report.

The company said that for now, the purchase functionality will only be available to creators who are part of this affiliate program.

Instagram is also testing new inbox features that it says will make it easier for brands to connect with creators for referrals. Instagram DMs will get a dedicated “partnerships” section only for brand messages.

The company said it would give those messages “priority placement” and allow them to skip the “requests” section where incoming messages are often lost.

Instagram is testing a new inbox for messages from potential mates.

Separately, the app is working on tools to match brands with creators looking for sponsorships.

With the tools, creators can identify brands they want to work with right from the app. While brands would be able to browse for designers who match their needs based on factors such as age, gender, and number of subscribers.

The tools are still in their infancy, with only a handful of companies and creators involved so far. But the company has previously reported that such features could expand significantly.

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