Kahlua coffee cocktails available at 9 trendy flagship cafes in Seoul


Pernod Ricard Korea’s Kahlua Coffee Liqueur is leading its ‘Coffee Goes Cocktails’ promotion, presenting Kahlua Cafe cocktail menus at nine Seoul cafes for 30 days starting December 27.

Pernod Ricard Korea’s Kahlua coffee liqueur, the number one of its kind in the world, has announced that it is once again leading its “Coffee Goes Cocktails” promotion featuring cocktail menus at Kahlua Cafe at nine cafes in Seoul for 30 days at from December 27.

As the ‘home coffee’ culture becomes fashionable, cocktails at # café have recently gained attention on social media. More and more cafes are introducing cocktails to coffee, increasing consumer demand, especially among Gen Z and Millennials.

The world’s leading brand of coffee liqueur Kahlua, which enjoys a large fan base around the world, is running a special ‘Coffee Goes Cocktails’ promotion. The brand has collaborated with nine trendy Seoul cafes that are considered hot spots on Instagram to develop a special Kahlua Cafe cocktail menu that will run for 30 days. Each reflects the unique characteristics of coffee baristas.

Center Coffee in Sungsu-dong will feature four coffee cocktails created by head barista, Park Sang-ho, who won the championship in the world-famous barista competition, the UK Brewers Cup. Guests who order cocktails at the café during the promotion period will be offered a culinary accompaniment with a Kahlua-based tiramisu as well as a chance to participate in the “Kahlua Cocktail Class” where Head Barista Park Sang-ho will share a easy and fun time coffee drink recipe using Kahlua.

Other top cafes such as “Coffee and Cigarette” in Seosomun-dong and “BiBiBi Coffee” in Seongsu-dong will sell specially designed Kalua products to commemorate Season 3 of “Coffee Goes Cocktails” as well as cocktails at the cafe. Kahlua created using the unique coffee. receipts. The brand plans to actively communicate with consumers by providing many opportunities for those experimenting with “Kahlua Coffee Cocktails” to enjoy various aspects of coffee and develop its appeal as a lifestyle brand.

Marketing Director Kerrie Kim of Pernod Ricard Korea said, “The ‘Coffee Goes Cocktails’ promotion which begins its Season 3 after Season 1 in November 2020 and Season 2 in June 2021, offers coffee-loving consumers a chance to experience an advanced coffee. lifestyle in their daily life through collaboration with a total of 18 trendy cafes in Seoul. We will introduce coffee lovers to a diverse and unique coffee experience that only Kahlua can deliver and will continue to communicate with consumers through “Coffee Goes Cocktails”.

Meanwhile, Kahlua released a well-received new bottle packaging in September in an effort to win over consumers as a familiar fashionable lifestyle brand amid the rapidly growing coffee market and global trend. “home cafes”. The new look emphasizes its Mexican heritage and coffee credentials using 100% high quality Arabica beans.


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