Laguna Beach to discuss ending retail sales of tobacco and vaping products



Retailing of tobacco and vape products could be banned in Laguna Beach, a town that was the first in Orange County to end smoking in public places in 2017.

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City council is expected to begin discussions on Tuesday on whether to ban such sales and consider asking staff to investigate the matter and possibly come back with an ordinance for council to consider at a later date, according to a statement. . city ​​staff report.

In May 2017, the council voted to ban the public use of all smoking products, including tobacco, nicotine and marijuana devices. This arrangement expansion of anti-smoking regulations to include all public places.

Council member George Weiss has called for a discussion on ending retail sales of tobacco and vaping products within city limits. In a telephone interview last week, Weiss said that as he walked the city streets during his run for city council last year, he noticed a significant amount of debris from cigarettes and e-cigarettes on the ground and thought “why are we promoting something that kills people?” ? “

Weiss highlighted the benefits of a ban, detailing the benefits to the health and safety of individuals and the community.

“When (people with respiratory illnesses) are exposed to second-hand smoke, it’s more than an inconvenience,” he said.

Weiss also mentioned that there are environmental considerations.

“Environmental impacts – including people smoking on trails and leaving cigarette butts near wildlife – do more damage than people realize,” he said.

In 2014, Laguna Niguel banned the use of electronic cigarettes in recreation areas. Laguna Beach became the first city in Orange County to ban smoking in public places in 2017, followed by Dana Point soon after.

In 2019, Laguna Niguel banned the retail sale of flavored electronic cigarette products, the first in Orange County to do so.

Since Beverly Hills and Manhattan Beach have banned retail tobacco sales for the past two years, Weiss has said he is also recommending one for Laguna Beach, but would like cigar shops to be excluded.

“We would ask staff to look at the economic impact on the 16 or so stores that sell these products and paraphernalia. We wouldn’t target cigar shops… (they) would probably be exempt, but that’s for the board to decide. We would look at what the other two cities did – I don’t want to bankrupt anyone. I think it will have minimal impact on that, ”adds Weiss.

According to the city staff report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted the downsides of smoking, such as threats to public health from direct use, as well as second-hand smoke. Many people are unintentionally exposed to more than 7,000 chemicals in all public places, including beaches, according to the CDC.

The city council will meet on Tuesday at 5 p.m. The meeting can be viewed on the city’s website website.



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