Launch of Stoptober to give smokers the confidence to quit

  • Launch of Stoptober Encourages Thousands of Smokers to Quit the Habit in October
  • Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable illness and death in England
  • People are five times more likely to quit smoking for good if they can go at least 28 days without smoking
  • A new film has been released with recent ex-smoker and Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan exploring how smokers can gain the confidence to quit that Stoptober for good

Smokers in England are being urged to quit the habit as part of the annual Stoptober public health campaign launched next month, as latest statistics show smoking costs the NHS £2.4billion a year while causing the least 15 types of cancers, including lung cancer and acute myeloid leukemia.

Stoptober – now in its 11th year – aims to empower people to quit smoking in October, like evidence shows that people are five times more likely to quit smoking for good if they manage to go at least 28 days without smoking.

To research shows that self-confidence is a major factor in the success of attempts to quit smoking. This year’s campaign will encourage people to take simple steps to build their confidence and get the support they need from family and friends, as well as professional help, to quit smoking for life. Well.

Despite falling smoking rates, almost six million adults in England still smoke, and smoking remains the leading cause of preventable illness and death in England. Action on Smoking and Health estimates the annual productivity costs of smoking at £13.2 billion; treating smoking-associated diseases also costs the NHS £2.4 billion a year, with the wider cost to society in England being around £17 billion a year.

To help kick off the campaign and encourage smokers to quit, a film was released today (Saturday 24th September) featuring former Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer James Jordan talking about his recent trip to quit smoking, after smoking for 27 years. years. He talks to former smoker and NHS psychiatrist Dr Max Pemberton and quit smoking professional Louise Ross about the importance of self-confidence in quitting smoking, as well as getting the right support.

James Jordan, former professional dancer with Strictly Come Dancing, said:

I consider myself a confident person in most areas of my life, but I’ve always been hesitant to smoke, so I thought I couldn’t quit. I smoked for 27 years. My journey of quitting has shown me that I am more capable than I thought, thanks to the support of my own family and friends and the professional help I have sought.

Quitting smoking can improve your health, your quality of life and save you money. I’m so glad I took this step and had the chance to talk to the brilliant experts to give myself and others the confidence that quitting smoking is possible, even if you’ve been smoking for decades.

Most smokers say they want to quit, and the last statistics show that more than a third of smokers (36.6%) have tried to quit in the last 12 months.

Emeritus Professor of Behavioral Science at UCL, Professor Robert West said:

What’s really interesting is how much self-efficacy, that feeling of self-confidence and confidence, impacts the success of quitting smoking. This trust is something we can really help influence. It really shows the power of the mind – self-confidence when combined with other quitting aids such as vapes or NRT effectively helps people quit.

What people who are thinking of quitting this Stoptober should also keep in mind is that even if you have tried to quit before and were not successful, that does not mean that it won’t. won’t work this time. You will have learned something from your previous attempts: consider each quit attempt as a stepping stone to becoming a lifelong non-smoker. »

Quitting smoking brings multiple health benefits, some immediate and some that accumulate over time. These include being able to breathe and move more easily, a reduced risk of several cancers, and financial benefits. HM Revenue and Customs analysis shows the average smoker can save around £2,000 a year when they quit.

Stoptober offers a range of free quit smoking tools including the NHS Quit Smoking app, online communities on Facebook, daily emails and texts, an online personal quit plan, and advice about smoking cessation aids, vaping to quit smoking and free assistance from local quitting experts. Services for smokers.

Public Health and Mental Health Minister Dr Caroline Johnson said:

Smoking is extremely addictive and can have devastating long-term health effects. As a pediatrician, I have seen that tobacco addiction usually starts in childhood and once started it is very difficult to quit.

We’re committed to helping people quit smoking, so it’s fantastic to see the return of Stoptober, which gives smokers the tools and confidence they need to quit smoking.

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, Dr Jeanelle de Gruchy, said:

Smoking is a major cause of ill health, cancer and disability in England.

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health, try this Stoptober.

NHS psychiatrist Dr Max Pemberton said:

As a doctor and myself an ex-smoker, I always urge my patients to quit smoking whenever possible, because we know very well how each cigarette smoked damages the lungs. I also know how much healthier and more alive I am after quitting smoking now that my lungs have had a chance to clear.

What particularly interests me as a psychiatrist is the impact of individual confidence on the attempt to quit smoking. I want to help everyone feel confident in their own ability to quit smoking, feeling that they can access the vast amount of support available, so that they are ready to try quitting this Stoptober.

For free quit smoking assistance in October, search for “Stoptober”.

Notes to editors:

  • Stoptober is the annual campaign under OHID’s umbrella brand, “Better Health Let’s Do This”, which encourages smokers across the country to get involved and try to quit during the month of October.
  • Film starring former professional Strictly Come Dancing dancer James Jordan, NHS psychiatrist Dr Max Pemberton and smoking cessation professional Louise Ross is available here.
  • Visit to find out more about the help available.

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