NCD unit reveals laws banning tobacco products


Speaking to journalists, Sainabou.B. Cham, head of the NCD Unit program, said the law states that everyone has the right to an environment free from tobacco smoke and that the person who uses it must ensure that they do not expose another person to the smoke. of tobacco.

She added that all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion or sponsorship, including cross-border ones, are prohibited and therefore a person should not engage in any tobacco advertising, promotion or sponsorship.

Therefore, she said, a person should not import, manufacture, distribute, sell or offer for sale a tobacco product unless the unit package, the packaging of the tobacco product or the outer packaging and the labeling of this product conform to the packaging and labeling requirements prescribed by the Ministry.

“Text and images advertising health warnings must appear together and occupy at least 75% of the display of the package. All tobacco products must comply with the regulations, ”she explained.

“When it comes to tobacco control, we cannot move forward without the media, so media engagement is an ongoing process because during the application we went to hotels and restaurants where we seized a lot of bottles. of Shishaa but after a few weeks they started again so that our work with the media would never stop.

“Selling single cigarette sticks is one of the biggest challenges we have right now. We know that some merchants do not sell cigarette sticks to random people except their loyal customers. We also understand that the vendors of Café Touba are the most numerous to sell single sticks of cigarettes and that we want a total stop with immediate effect, ”she noted.

According to her, management will go ahead with regional orientation meetings but more specifically with PTAs and mothers’ clubs and will also initiate multidisciplinary teams including agricultural workers, extension workers and also public health workers.

She added that: “We think that before you take people to police stations, courts or prisons, you better have commitments at least at the grassroots to find out what’s going on, so we think that. ‘they would not be caught in the law. “

“We also plan to work with faith. These are the religious leaders that people listen to attentively. These are people who have powers and authorities in their various fields and through their sermons could preach anti-smoking laws.

“Young people are our main target because most of today’s smokers start at a young age. We also want to meet with traders because we have found that the sale of single cigarettes continues even though it is illegal, ”she noted.


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