Nikki Kvam: Let’s work together to prevent smoking among young people | Letters to the Editor


Local businesses have an important role to play in helping our community to be safe and healthy. During the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important that businesses and community members work together and share information that helps us live the healthiest lives possible: and that includes preventing smoking among young people.

Tips for keeping companies and their customers safe while doing business:

– Maintain social distancing. Have customers show their IDs through plastic or glass partitions or by placing them face up on the counter.

– Place ID barcode scanners or smartphone apps on the customer side of the sales counter for customers to perform self-scans.

– Customers with face masks are like those with a beard. Confirm other physical information like height, weight, eye color and hair color.

When selling tobacco, remember that current federal laws require that tobacco products cannot be sold to customers under the age of 21.

Tobacco retailers and members of the local community must work together to keep tobacco products out of the reach of young people. The coronavirus pandemic has put lung health in the spotlight. Keeping our lungs healthy is more important than ever to help reduce the risk of serious illness. The next time you see your local retailer checking for ID, say “thank you” for helping our kids stay smoke-free. Wisconsin wins when tobacco is not sold to minors.

The Wisconsin Wins program partners with businesses throughout the year to educate, share resources, and promote training on how to avoid tobacco sales to minors.


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