NJ legal weed: A quick guide to rolling the leaves


Joints, jays, doobies, spliffs and “whiteboys”. These are all colloquial names used to describe loose cannabis flower sealed in a sheet of rolling paper.

We all know smoking is bad for you – it doesn’t matter what you smoke or what you smoke for – but if you find yourself curious enough to try rolling and lighting some weed, the choice of rolling papers seems to be unending. option list.

In this article from your favorite cannabis consumer journalist, I’ll cover the basics you should know about sheets.


The smoking ritual is deeply personal. A smoker’s choice of rolling papers can shape their experience. While there are many choices of pre-rolled joints in different sizes, grinding up the dried flowers and personally rolling a joint can be a meditative experience. For stoners (a nickname for heavy smokers), this can be an essential part of getting the most out of their smoking experience.

Thickness, length, material, flavor, and style are all game factors when choosing a smoker’s paper. Regular smokers know that the key to a pleasurable experience is a thin sheet that will burn evenly and slowly, producing the least amount of ash and requiring less relighting.


The most popular rolling papers are one and a quarter inches long, the perfect size for personal doobies.

Some additional names you may see on cardboard rolling paper wrappers to define their size are single width, double width, king, and king slim.

For those who prefer to have an extended smoking session or share with a friend or two, king-size sheets are a better option. These start at an inch and a half but can reach up to a meter for social gatherings or consumable weed art.


In addition to length, consumers also have options when it comes to thickness. Thickness matters – when you’re new to rolling your own spliffs, thicker sheets are easier to handle without tearing.

Also, when smoking a joint, it’s important to remember that you’re consuming the weed and the leaf itself. Some frequent smokers prefer to have a thinner sheet to reduce the consumption of additional material.

I ordered these Raw brand ultraslim (thinnest) king-size hemp sheets in bulk from Amazon, but they are slippery and need good rolling technique to avoid tears and holes.

Some brands of rolling papers like Raw have a variety of weed attachments to help with the rolling process, including different sized joint rolling machines for different lengths of papers. Raw is the most popular brand because it is inexpensive and can be found in almost any tobacconist or cigar store.


The first company known to commercially produce paper specifically for smoking was the Lacroix Rolling Paper Company established in 1660. Prior to this, European settlers used newspapers to roll and smoke tobacco and many soldiers were known to travel with homemade sheets. .

For more than 100 years, rolling papers have been available in multiple materials. They could be pressed, cut and dried like regular paper from wood pulp, rice, flax, bamboo, hemp or other plant fibers. These are either bleached to make them whiter or unbleached.

In our present day, there has been an increase in the creation of fancy 24k gold leaf, rose petals, and other more exotic vegetable celluloses.

Plant fibers like flax, rice, and hemp are known to impart the least amount of extra flavor and smoke with the cleanest burn.

The Zig-Zag brand has launched a new range of pre-rolled cones made from rose petals.


Some people are purists and choose papers based on their likelihood of interfering with the natural aroma and flavor of the cannabis itself. Others may prefer to be trendy and stylish, opting for fruit or candy flavored leaves added for fun. This can mean that you also inhale these flavor additives, so be sure to choose brands that only use natural ingredients.

Recently, the Zigzag The brand has released its new terpene cones and rose cones made from rose petals (leaves that have been pre-shaped into ready-to-fill cylinders). Terpene cones come in different profiles intended to complement and enhance the aroma of the cannabis they contain.


Raw, Zig-Zag and many other rolling paper brands have developed product lines that transcend their weedy reputation and become lifestyle brands. Car mats, hoodies, sandals, duffel bags, and even ugly Christmas sweaters allow weed lovers of all preferred forms of consumption to openly identify with cannabis culture.

Some brands focus on style with beautifully printed foils, including clever patterns. Some can be camouflaged, animal printed or even shaped to look like real hundred dollar bills.

Papers + Ink and Scratch Nails Collaborate for Nail Foils and Wraps

Papers + Ink and Scratch Nails have collaborated on a line of printed foils and matching nail polishes.

The brand Papers and ink offers patterned rolling papers and has partnered with Scratch Nails to produce matching nail wraps for consumers looking to upgrade their style.

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