Offer to sell banned tobacco products: two police officers arrested in Malappuram | policemen arrested for selling hans | Kerala News | latest news

Malappuram: The image of the Kerala police was tarnished after two policemen were caught selling packages of illegal tobacco products at Kottakal in Malappuram. Two police officers attempted to sell more than a thousand packages of Hans, a banned tobacco product. ASI Rajindran and Senior CPO Saji Cherian from Kottakal Police Station were arrested in connection with the incident. The two officers were suspended from their duties.

Kottakal police seized thousands of rupees of banned tobacco products on June 21. Nasser and Ashraf were caught trying to smuggle 1,600 packages of Hans in a mini tempo vehicle. Their vehicle was also taken into police custody. The court then ordered the release of the seized vehicle and asked the police to destroy the seized tobacco products. But the two policemen tried to sell the tobacco products instead of destroying them.

The police tried to sell the packages through an agent named Rashid. For this, several telephone conversations took place between the parties concerned. Upon learning of the decision, Nasser and Ashraf informed senior police officials about Hans’s sale. The officials then opened an investigation and arrested the two policemen. The two police officers will be presented to court on Thursday.

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