Oireachtas committee recommends restrictions on the sale of e-cigarettes


The Oireachtas health committee has also recommended that flavored e-cigarettes be regulated.

It may soon become more difficult to buy e-cigarettes in Ireland, following a number of recommendations made by the Oireachtas Health Committee.

The report on the pre-legislative review of the Public Health (Tobacco and Nicotine Inhalation Products) Bill was released by the committee on Friday July 15 and included a number of recommended restrictions and regulations on the sale and the marketing of electronic cigarettes.

Among the recommendations was extending the ban on the sale of tobacco from temporary or mobile premises to e-cigarettes as well.

This would mean it would be illegal to sell e-cigarettes in pop-up shops, including those at music festivals or similar events.

“The ban aims to ensure that the sale of tobacco products is not associated with music festivals or similar events that could contribute to their appeal in the minds of children and young people,” the Committee wrote. .

“Furthermore, the ban on the sale of tobacco products from temporary premises will mean that tobacco products can no longer be sold from places where it is difficult to monitor compliance with the tobacco control law because of their temporary nature.”

Other recommendations include a ban on the sale of such products from trays, bags or other similar containers, as well as a ban on the sale of such products at children’s events.

Flavored e-cigarettes could also be regulated, particularly in terms of the marketing of different flavours.

“Flavours such as ‘tutti-frutti’ or ‘chocolate milkshake’ are used by the industry to attract new, younger users, and given the additional harm caused to young people by e-cigarettes and the evidence that e-cigarettes may be a pathway to dual use or smoking by young people, such flavors should be banned,” the Committee wrote.

Similarly, the Committee recommended that the use of brightly colored packaging on e-cigarettes be restricted and that restrictions on plain packaging be implemented.

The recommendations are the latest in a series of restrictions against e-cigarettes, with the European Commission planning to ban flavored heated tobacco products in the EU.


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