Police Officer/Lateral Police Officer/Trainee Job – Indiana State Excise Police, Indianapolis


Hired more than 10 new recruits/side officers in several districts! Accept pre-applications now! DEADLINE to submit the required online employment notification form is June 30, 2022! https://www.in.gov/atc/isep/2369.htm

the Indiana State Excise Police (ISEP) is the law enforcement division of the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission and are fully certified police officers with powers throughout the State of Indiana. The department’s primary mission is to provide professional and efficient law enforcement service with an emphasis on Indiana’s alcohol and tobacco laws. In addition to their criminal law enforcement responsibilities, excise officers are also responsible for the administrative enforcement of Indiana’s liquor and tobacco laws at all licensed establishments. of alcoholic beverages and/or a tobacco sales certificate. Some typical duties of an officer are listed below, but are not exhaustive as their assignments can often change daily.

  • Patrolling large-scale sporting events and concert halls
  • Patrolling college campuses, including sporting and tailgating events
  • Investigate citizen complaints at licensed establishments
  • Alcohol/tobacco compliance inspections
  • Determine the Licensability of Those Applying for a License to Manufacture, Transport, and Sell Alcoholic Beverages in the State of Indiana
  • Act as liaisons between ATC and federal, state and local law enforcement agencies
  • Conduct long-term criminal investigations

Excise officers are over 20 years. salary matrix with pre-determined annual increases. The recruit’s starting salary is $47,000 or $1,807 bi-weekly for the first 8 weeks while in recruit school. Lateral hires start at probationary officer salary of $51,000 or $1,961 bi-weekly.

Working for ISEP is a rewarding career with many benefits. ISEP offers excellent affordable medical/dental/prescription vision/life insurance for individuals, families and retirees; Annual salary increases; Flexible working hours; Possibilities of overtime; Tuition reimbursement; take away vehicles; 12 days of paid leave per year with additional days after 5, 10 and 20 years; Sick leave and paid personal leave; 15 paid public holidays; 150 hours of leave for a new parent; life annuity; Deferred compensation plan with matching; Options to purchase past military and law enforcement service in the pension; GI Bill on Vocational Training Benefits and more.

Basic qualities:

  • Be a citizen of the United States.
  • Be at least 21 years of age to attend the Excise Police Recruit Training Academy.
  • High school diploma or General Education Development (GED) certificate.
  • Have a valid driver’s license.
  • Must be willing to serve or be assigned to any district in the State of Indiana and be able to work on a rotational basis.
  • Must be able to pass a character, financial and background check.
  • A more detailed list of qualifications can be found on our jobs page. https://www.in.gov/atc/isep/employment

Hiring phases (Each step must be successful to move on to the next one):

  • Written exam (several locations/dates subject to change)
  • Physical Agility (Will take place the same day after passing the written exam) Standards: Vertical jump/13.5 inches; 1 minute/24 sit-ups; 300 meter run/82 seconds; Max push-ups/21; 1.5 mile/18 minute 56 second run
  • Application Submission (Delivered after passing physical agility)
  • Oral interview
  • Conditional job offer: (est. by 08/17/2022)
  • polygraph examination; background investigation; Interview with the superintendent; psychological examination; drug testing; and medical examination

Civilian applicants: Civilian applicants must meet all established minimum pre-employment standards, as well as pass all testing, screening and background checks.

  • Civilian recruits must attend the 8-week ISEP recruiting school which is located at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. (about 4 weeks will be virtual learning)
  • Within one year of completing ISEP recruiting school, civilian recruits must also complete the 16-week Basic Level 1 course at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

Lateral police candidates: The ISEP Lateral Employment Program is an alternative selection process for applicants currently or previously employed by a local, state, or federal law enforcement agency, or university or hospital department governed by state law, in a law enforcement capacity in which the candidate has or had the authority to arrest and is or was authorized by the agency to carry a weapon.

  • Lateral applicants must meet all established minimum pre-employment standards, as well as pass all testing, screening and background checks.
  • Lateral applicants must possess an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) certification or other state or federal certification accepted by the ILEA waiver requirement.
  • Lateral applicants with Indiana certification or waivers must pass a accelerated Recruitment school and field training program.

To be considered for the current hiring process, candidates must complete and submit the Employment notification form online by 11:59 p.m. (EST) June 30, 2022 https://www.in.gov/atc/isep/2369.htm

(Job notification forms received after this time will not be considered for the ongoing hiring process)

Please visit https://www.in.gov/atc/isep to learn more about the Indiana State Excise Police and the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission. If you have any questions, email: [email protected] with your contact information to speak to a recruiter.


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