Proposal to increase the FET on cut tobacco products


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WASHINGTON – An updated version of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better program, also known as the Reconciliation Package, does not include any increase in the Federal Excise Tax (FET) on tobacco.

The previous version of the legislation suggested doubling the federal excise tax on cigarettes and applying tax parity to all other tobacco products, including vapors, which were previously untaxed at the federal level.

While the new version, released Thursday, may not be the last, the convenience store association NACS called it and other changes “significant gains” for the convenience store and retail industry. fuel. The organization strongly opposed the increase and organized a coalition of retail groups to publicly oppose it.

“The NACS met with moderate Democrats in the House and Senate and encouraged them to speak to their leaders and demand that it be removed from the bill, which a number of them did. NACS, Alexandria, Va., Said on its website. “Additionally, NACS called on the industry to take action by sending hundreds of retail letters to the Hill. These efforts appear to have been successful because there is no increase in FET in the latest text of the bill. “

Biden said Thursday he was confident the legislation could be passed by both houses of Congress and called on him to pass the bill “as quickly as possible.”

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