Ski barn after reopening after damage from Hurricane Ida in Lawrence, New Jersey


Happy to see you again. Just in time for the winter sports season, Ski barn, on Route 1 North in Lawrence Township, has reopened. I hear the cheers of skiers and snowboarders from all over the region.

The popular store was closed for a few months after the store suffered extensive flood damage from the remnants of Hurricane Ida. The section of Route 1 where the store is located, between Franklin Corner Road and Route 295, was severely affected. It took days for the water to recede and it left a path of destruction. Emergency road repair and repaving were needed, causing traffic headaches throughout the region.

Shortly afterwards, a sign appeared in the store window reading: “Hit by Hurricane Ida. Fully stocked store, new store to come. Like many residents of the area, I often walk past the store and saw a flurry of activity preparing for the grand reopening, and finally a few days ago a new sign was installed in the window. who said: “WE ARE OPEN. Let’s go. ”Exciting.

Ski barn offers you everything you need for skiing and snowboarding … clothing, accessories and seasonal rentals too.

Make sure to stop by, check out the new location, and get ready for the season.

Buy local. Family business and operated since 1971.

Ski barn is located at 2990 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence Township, NJ.

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