State debate continues over taxing vaping liquids like tobacco products –


Des Moines, Iowa – A small group at the Iowa House is working on a bill that would tax the liquid used in e-cigarettes at or near the same rate as combustible cigarettes.

Representative Ann Meyer of Fort Dodge says she is concerned about children using e-cigarettes.

People buying vaping products in Iowa pay state sales tax, but people buying a pack of rolled cigarettes pay much higher tobacco tax. Opponents of a new tax on vaping liquids say it’s a healthier alternative to combustible cigarettes and shouldn’t be taxed like tobacco because it doesn’t contain tobacco. Rep. Steven Holt of Denison introduced the bill to spark a conversation about the products. Holt says his wife, who is a teacher, sees children at school vaping with objects that look like markers and other objects that are actually e-cigarettes in disguise.

Holt says he also understands that some people use the product to quit smoking cigarettes and that’s something to weigh up as the debate continues. The bill stalled in the legislature last year, but cleared a House subcommittee this week.

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