Stop rinsing your disposable contact lenses and recycle them for free at local eye doctors across Cornwall


Provided by TerraCycle Canada

Through the Bausch + Lomb Every Contact Counts recycling program, Cornwall residents can get rid of any brand of disposable contacts and blisters, diverting them from the landfill.

CORNWALL, ON, May 10, 2022 – Eye doctors located in cities across Ontario help the planet and the local community by reducing waste and keeping otherwise non-recyclable disposable contact lenses and their packaging out of the landfill.

As part of the Bausch + Lomb Every Contact Counts recycling program, consumers are encouraged to bring all brands of disposable contact lenses and their blister packaging to participating eye doctors for recycling.

“Contact lenses are one of the forgotten waste streams that are often overlooked due to their size and mundaneness in today’s society,” said Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO of TerraCycle. “Programs like the Bausch + Lomb Every Contact Counts Recycling Program allow ophthalmologists to work within their communities and play an active role in preserving the environment beyond what their local municipal recycling programs are able to provide. In creating this recycling initiative, our goal was to provide an opportunity where entire communities can collect litter alongside a nationwide network of public collection points, all with the unified goal of increasing the number of contact lenses recycled. and their associated packaging, thereby reducing their impact on landfills.

Below is a list of local ophthalmologists participating in the program:

  • 8 on the second optometryK6H 1Y3 Cornwall 8 Second St E

  • Axxis OpticalK6J 3P2 Cornwall 44 Pitt Street

To learn more about the Bausch + Lomb Every Contact Counts recycling program, to become a public collection point, or to find the collection point nearest you, visit

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