The Cast of 200 Cigarettes: Where Are They Now?


200 cigarettes is a delicious movie that, inexplicably, is incredibly difficult to watch. Not because it’s a bad movie, but because, according to In the style, it is not shown anywhere, and copies of the DVD were difficult to find for purchase until very recently. The ensemble romantic comedy is a treasure trove of stylized ’80s nostalgia with a’ 90s twist and perfectly sums up the anticipation and human connection everyone is hoping for on New Years Eve.

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The cast is full of familiar faces and their scenes together are so fun to watch. Who doesn’t want to see Paul Rudd and Courtney Love get caught kissing in a washroom by Janeane Garofalo? From Oscar winners to “sexiest man alive,” they have all enjoyed great career success in the 20 years since the film’s release.


Ben Affleck: bartender

Batman looks serious as the sun sets in Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Before Bennifer and Batman, Ben Affleck was one of Kevin Smith’s best recurring actors, seen in films like In pursuit of Amy and Mallrats, showcasing his talent for quick and intelligent dialogue. In 200 cigarettes, Affleck plays in this skill again, bringing a great sense of humor to the role of the fun-loving bartender.

A multi-talented filmmaker, he has been critically acclaimed as a screenwriter and director of Party, baby, party and The city, and as the director and star of the Oscar-winning film Argo. He’s just one of the Oscar winners playing a DC superhero as he reprise his role as Batman in Flash, in theaters in 2022.

Casey Affleck: Tom

Manchester by the Sea Lee and his nephew at his father's funeral

Ben’s younger brother Casey Affleck is also an accomplished drama actor and filmmaker. He followed 200 cigarettes with the Oceans trilogy, then shot to stardom in 2007 with The Cowardly Robert Ford assassination of Jesse James and Party, baby, party (written and directed by his brother).

Manchester by the sea won him an Oscar for best actor. He led the bizarre Joaquin Phoenix at the helm I am not here and it is currently running Slingshot with Laurence Fishburne and Wild dream with Zooey Deschanel.

Dave Chappelle: Disco Cabbie

Dave Chappelle in Saturday Night Live Season 46

Dave Chappelle’s performance in 200 cigarettes came on the heels of the cult classic stoner comedy, Half Cooked. Her avid five dollar disco cab driver turns out to be the unexpected therapist and guiding voice for the other characters as they make their way to the party.

An accomplished actor, he is best known for the groundbreaking social commentary on his Comedy Central series, Chapel Show. He left Hollywood for several years, but has since returned, winning an Emmy for accommodation SNL and pulling big bucks for his collaboration with Netflix, including a just-announced comedy festival.

Janeane Garofalo: Ellie

Wet Hot American Summer Day One of Camp Season Finale Janeane Garofalo

As a comedian and former SNL cast member Janeane Garofalo is known for her sardonic wit. She’s a ’90s icon and has collaborated with Ben Stiller often, including the Gen X anthem directed by Stiller. Reality hurts.

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She bounced back between film and television, with more serious roles in West wing and 24, alongside her hilarious take on Camp Director Beth (alongside her colleague Cigarette-er Paul Rudd) in Hot humid american summer. She recently joined the cast of Billion as a recurring character and is a regular on the final season of Younger.

Gaby Hoffmann: Stephie

Gaby Hoffman in Transparent Season 2 Episode 1

Gaby Hoffmann is an accomplished actress and has worked regularly since the age of four. In 200 cigarettes, she plays it Sometimes co-star (and real-life best friend) Christina Ricci does very well as Long Island teens lost in a seedy part of town.

After spending a few years attending college and working in theater, she delivered acclaimed performances on television shows. Girls and Transparent. Hoffmann has returned to theaters and is receiving rave reviews for his role alongside Joaquin Phoenix in the recently released Mike Mills Project, go! Go on.

Kate Hudson: Cindy

Kate Hudson as Penny Lane in Almost Famous

Like her mother, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson brings an effervescent quality to her roles. As Cindy, she steals the show with the perfect combination of delicate ingenuity and hilarious slapstick, and her iconic pink poo-coated jacket deserves a place in the cinematic fashion hall of fame.

She brought the same shine to her Oscar nominee that Penny Lane did in Almost known, followed by romantic comedy classics like How to lose a guy in 10 days, Bride wars, and Fool’s gold. Today, Hudson is busy running King St. Vodka and its athleisure line, Fabletics. She also hosts the Sibling Revelry podcast alongside her brother, Oliver Hudson, and it’s one of the best actor-hosted podcasts worth listening to. Upcoming film projects include Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon and knives outside 2.

Courtney love

Sarah Scott as Courtney Love in Soaked in Bleach

Courtney Love is still an imposing screen presence, and her role in 200 cigarettes is no exception. Alongside Paul Rudd, she channels her wild rockstar character into Lucie’s ready-to-do character.

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Best known as the singer of alternative rock band Hole and the widow of grunge icon Kurt Cobain, she is still actively producing music today. Love continues to fluctuate between music and acting, making appearances on Empire and Sons of anarchy, and she also dabbled in writing, including co-writing the manga Princess ai. She was recently announced as one of the stars of the upcoming film The possibility of fireflies.

Martha Plimpton: Monique

Jay and Gail face off in mass

Far from her teenage days kissing in a cave The Goonies, Martha Plimpton is an incredibly accomplished stage and film actress and a third generation Hollywood star (she is the daughter of Keith Carradine). Plimpton brings an incredible personality to the neurotic, slowly defeating party host Monica.

Plimpton spent a lot of time working on television, receiving a Primetime Emmy for her guest role in the good woman and several nominations for his lead role in Raising hope. She is currently critically acclaimed for her role as the mother of a school shooting victim in Mass.

Christina Ricci: Val

The yellow vests show Christina Ricci

By the time she appeared in 200 cigarettes, Christina Ricci was already known. Every girl who grew up in the early ’90s wanted Ricci to be her best friend after her iconic roles in Casper, The Addams Family, and Sometimes.

Not all of his performances were well received, and his portrayal of Val in 200 cigarettes was called up with nominations for the Stinkers Bad Movie Awards. She won a Primetime Emmy nomination for her appearance in Grey’s Anatomy, and his current role in Showtime’s Yellow jackets is worthy of buzz. She has a few major projects coming up, including Matrix resurrections and The dresden sun.

Paul Rudd: Kevin

Paul Rudd has been a staple of cinema since the early 90s. While the mutton chops he sports 200 cigarettes should be considered the real star, his performance is an excellent training run for Hot humid american summerit’s Andy.

Rudd has an incredible list of great films to his name and he can take on both comedic and dramatic roles with aplomb. He recently starred in Ghostbusters: the afterlife and a Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania In progress. Oh, and he’s also People Magazine’s Sexiest Man in the World 2021.

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