Tobacco delivery in Los Angeles


Home delivery services for just about any product under the sun have become extremely popular over the past couple of years. However, for smokers in the United States, finding the best tobacco delivery can be a more difficult task.

Customers who use third-party apps like Instacart to take care of their supermarket and other purchases while staying at home, whether they avoid unnecessary outdoor trips or just because they work remotely all day, could be disappointed to discover their favorite brands. are not available online as easily as their favorite food or alcohol.

However, for those who live in Los Angeles, there are some easy ways to have tobacco products delivered right to your door. Whether you smoke regular or menthol cigarettes, manufactured cigarettes, or roll your own, you can have cigarettes delivered to your doorstep almost anytime using the following methods:

How to order tobacco delivery

For smokers who prefer to roll their own cigarette and assemble a cigarette from scratch, websites like have you covered. Finding rolling papers and filters can be a challenge sometimes, and finding the brand you like in stores nearby can be even more difficult.

However, when you order online at TGR-now, making rollies becomes much easier. They’ve rounded up some of the most popular brands on the market to help you select your personal favorites from a wide variety in stock. Simply log in, browse all the products available online, then order by phone. Customer service is available 7 days a week, check their opening hours on their Google business page Where Yelp Company Page so you can order at almost any time, it’s easy for you.

Best of all, repeat buyers can even sign up as repeat customers to make the selling process easier from start to finish. The website will remember previous orders, allow you to easily add wishlist items and track the delivery of items to your cart. Currently, customers can pay for their delivery by credit card over the phone. Currently, the website is in the process of integrating online credit card payments to further streamline the process.

Can I have cigarettes delivered to my home?

Even if you are just looking for an extra pack of cigarettes instead of a full range of roll-your-own tobacco, has plenty of options as well. Whether Marlboros, American Spirits, Camels, or Newports are your brand of choice, you can find almost any brand online and have a driver deliver cigarettes right to your doorstep.

The website lists all of their available brands along with their prices, as well as other types of tobacco such as cigarillos, chewing tobacco, and disposable vapes. If you are looking to order cigarettes online in the LA area, this is one of the best sites around. Best of all, they guarantee delivery of tobacco and cigarettes in ten minutes or at most three hours, depending on where you live.

Private tobacco delivery services were established quickly and continued to expand over the past year thanks to some changes in the law. The more services remain available, the more service and delivery times will be simplified and simplified.

Tobacco delivery in Los Angeles

Is tobacco delivery legal?

You might be wondering what legal changes were we referring to before? Don’t worry, the delivery of tobacco is 100% legal in the United States. However, the passage of the PACT amendment, enacted on March 28, 2021, banned services like USPS, FedEx, and other third-party carriers from delivering tobacco or any associated tobacco products.

This means that tobacco stores have been working quickly to set up their own private delivery services to better serve their customers and to keep people happy and filled with their tobacco stock, especially with many customers now unable to leave. frequently their home.

These private delivery services operate entirely within the law, and as long as stores continue to verify the identity of customers to ensure they are over 21 and charge the full mandatory tobacco tax. , the US government has no problem with home tobacco delivery. With around 14% of the population of Los Angeles smoke, this is great news for a lot of people.

So, if you’re in LA, hassle-free, effortlessly ordering tobacco online and restocking without having to leave the comfort of your own home or take time off from work remotely. Why start buying cigarettes or tobacco again in another way?


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