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Virudhunagar district police on Saturday seized 28 bags of banned tobacco products which were smuggled from a speeding car near here.

A Sattur Police team led by Inspector of Police (Traffic), Vivekanandan, who was on duty at the Sivananaithapuram police checkpoint, received an alert for two speeding tickets on the Sattur-Kovilpatti road.

Police were told a car was driving away after being involved in a hit-and-run accident and another black car was also following close behind.

Officers waiting at the checkpoint found the car involved in the crash heading their way.

Even as the police gave up on the driver to stop the vehicle, the driver did not slow down, but rushed forward menacingly as if to mow down police personnel.

However, the police managed to escape.

After the car took off, the police prepared to intercept the other car.

The driver of the black car also attempted to flee. But, the barricade of the checkpoint being already across the road, the motorist was forced to stop him. Later, during an investigation, the police discovered that the black car had a forged license plate. While the car was registered in Karnataka, it bore a Tami Nadu license plate.

The driver, identified as J. Santosh (27), from Tiruchendur, claimed that the owner of the car, P. Kalimuthu, also from Tiruchendur, asked him to drive the car after the other car.

While he claimed the car contained bags of fodder, he was unable to produce any documents to support his claim.

When the police opened the bags, they found 28 bags of banned tobacco products, worth ₹1.05 lakh.

The police charged Santosh, Kalimuthu and the other car driver, Karuppasamy, with attempting to kill and preventing the police from carrying out their duty. They were also arrested under the provisions of the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003. Police are looking for the other two defendants.


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