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OKLAHOMA CITY – More than one in four young people in Oklahoma report using some form of tobacco or vaping. On October 4, the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust launched two new ads aimed at reducing and preventing tobacco and vaping use among Oklahoma youth.

The new ads are part of the TSET Healthy Youth Initiative, a state-wide, multi-faceted public education campaign for Oklahoma residents aged 13 to 18. The initiative also offers support to parents who help their children live a tobacco-free life.

In addition to targeting educational messages directly to teens via social media, these new ads will air on television and cable networks with family-friendly programming to help spark conversations between parents and teens about the dangers of tobacco and smoking. vape. These discussions about the risks and consequences of smoking and vaping could reduce the likelihood of young people experimenting with tobacco products.

Each educational post below will air on TV and radio for three weeks throughout Oklahoma starting October 4.

• Behind The Haze is a campaign aimed at all teens who may be vaping in Oklahoma. The new ad, “The Great Manipulator,” launched on social media on September 2. “The Great Manipulator” shows an animated teenager how nicotine interrupts the parts of the brain that control emotions. This ad focuses on the link between vaping and mental health issues such as depression, stress and anxiety.

• Down and Dirty targets adolescents in rural areas, who are more at risk of smoking and vaping. The new “Dreamtaker” ad features a teenager discussing how the cost of vaping adds up over time and robs those who use vapers. Parents will be able to recognize the opportunity to talk about how smoking can deprive them of experiences, like a camping adventure, or tangible things, like a boat. The “Dreamtaker” radio commercials will begin airing statewide on October 4. The messages will be launched on social media on October 21.

The TSET Healthy Youth initiative is part of the agency’s commitment to prioritize the health of young Oklahomans in order to build a brighter, healthier future for the state. The initiative was launched in 2020, and after a year of campaigning to prevent smoking, a recent online survey of teens showed:

• Overall awareness of the campaign is 70 percent.

• The campaigns were found to be highly relevant among participating adolescents, 83 percent among urban adolescents and 75 percent among rural adolescents. Additionally, more than half of urban teens – 53% – and rural teens – 61% – said they liked brands.

• Teens were mostly motivated by messages that focused on the specific negative effects of vaping on the immune system, lungs and brain, such as the body’s ability to fight infections, the development of chronic diseases, and the effects on the body. attention / learning.

• Vapers remain the most commonly used tobacco product. Steam use has declined slightly from 23% in 2020 to 18% in 2021 among respondents. However, as vaping use has declined, the number of teens reporting their likelihood of initiating vaping – susceptibility to vaping – has dramatically increased from 50% to 62%.

• The most common reason for using vapers was stress and anxiety.

• The majority of users – 75% – wanted to reduce their use of vape. Sixty-nine percent said they intended to quit altogether, but only 27 percent said they intended to do so within the next month.

In addition to the new message, TSET has created free sources for parents, educators and health care providers, including flyers and bookmark brochures. These articles, which specifically focus on healthier eating options as well as quitting smoking, can be ordered free of charge at TSETHealthyYouth.com/order.

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