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Donald Well, father of Summer Wells, a 5-year-old missing from Hawkins County, was arrested for impaired driving around midnight Sunday.

He was booked at 12:10 am and released from Hawkins County Jail at 7:34 am.

Details of the circumstances surrounding the arrest were not available. Wells was charged with impaired driving, open container violation, expired registration, improper use of lanes and lack of insurance.

A statement was released Sunday morning about the arrest on the Wells website website ” FindSummerWells.com

“Thank you all for your kind messages. There are no words to describe what every day and every night is like. We needed cigarettes. It was a stupid decision. Please keep us in prayer. Keep Don. This pain will not go away. Thank you”

Summer Wells missing since June 15

On the evening of June 15, Summer Wells was reported missing from her home on Ben Hill Road in the community of Beech Creek in Hawkins County.

After her disappearance on June 15, there was a massive 13-day search of the area surrounding her home involving more than 1,100 searchers, not including police, covering 4.6 square miles around her home.

Neither the search nor the investigation gave any information leading to the recovery of Summer, nor what happened to her, although the police investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information on Summer’s whereabouts is urged to call the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office at (423) 272-7121 or the TBI at 1 (800) TBI-FIND.

Summer’s three brothers were taken from their homes in late July by the Children’s Services Department.

Donald Wells did not want to explain why they were taken out except to say that it is not safe at home. Child withdrawals from the Ministry of Children’s Services are not public record.

Former arrest for domestic assault

Wells is currently on probation in Hawkins County Sessions Court following a conviction for possession of a handgun under the influence.

Wells, 56, was arrested at his home on October 14, 2020 and charged with assault, possession of a handgun while intoxicated and illegal possession of a weapon after he allegedly returned to home drunk and reportedly found a man at home with his wife.

Candus Wells told Deputy Kyle Shively that her husband assumed she was cheating on him, they got into a fight, and then he pushed her down, causing her knee injury.

Wells was leaving in a pickup when the MPs arrived, but returned while the MPs were still there and was arrested.

Police said Wells was under the influence of alcohol and had a .22 caliber handgun in his pickup. He admitted to being convicted of a felony in Utah.

On April 14, Wells pleaded guilty in Sessions Court to possession of a handgun while under the influence. The other two charges were dismissed.

He was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days of probation, 96 hours of community service, and his weapon was confiscated by the state.

Protection order filed

On October 15, 2020, Candus Wells filed a protective order in Sessions Court against Donald Wells.

In the affidavit, Candus Wells said, “He drinks and throws things away. I’m afraid of being hurt. He is physically and mentally violent towards me. I am afraid for my children and myself. My mom is worried that he will harm her because she is staying in her campervan on the property.

According to the Hawkins County Criminal Court Clerk’s Office, the protective order was dismissed by Candus Wells on October 19, 2020.

Other criminal past

According to the Utah Department of Corrections, Donald Wells was incarcerated in Utah for the following offenses: third degree felonies for theft, burglary and forgery; a second degree felony for theft by concealing stolen property; and a revocation / suspension offense.

The Utah DOC said he was in and out of prison starting in 1995. He was released from prison and custody in April 2003.

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