Why do customers choose spit-free tobacco?


Spitless tobacco allows customers to get their nicotine fix discreetly.

spitless tobacco pouchLittle by little, Americans seem to be smoking fewer cigarettes, helped in large part by a slew of states and cities banning smoking in public — and in some places, in private. Many smokers today are looking for alternatives.

Along comes spitless tobacco, boosted by growing consumer awareness of nicotine pouches. Many c-stores have made space for spit-free products, often the same space once occupied by flavored vapes.

Consumer studies clearly show that one of the objections to traditional wet smokeless tobacco products that smokers cite is the need to spit. Offices, schools, stores, outdoor stadiums, restrooms and other public spaces across the country now enforce strict anti-smoking regulations, which most often include vaping. Spit-free pouches, for obvious reasons, allow nicotine users to “fly under the radar” in places where they would otherwise face these restrictions.

Manufacturers, of course, reacted quickly to this opportunity. US Smokeless Tobacco Co., for example, launched Skoal Dry Tobacco, a spitless, smokeless tobacco pouch marketed as a new form of smokeless tobacco that eliminates the need for spitting while maintaining flavor and satisfaction. His slogan: “No Smoke, No Spit, No Boundaries”.

Another example is Snus, flavored tobacco in small sachets that is smokeless and spit-free: users do not need to spit out the excess saliva that is produced. Still other brands include Orbs and Taboka, also smokeless and spit-free, which are designed to dissolve in the mouth of the user. This makes the products both more hidden and discreet in that there is no need for a pin receptacle.

Well-funded marketing budgets, including print ads, eye-catching point-of-sale signage, branded displays, product samples, a direct mail campaign, and age-verified websites also help convince. consumers to try tobacco products without spitting.

Bottom line: As long as municipalities ban smoking, Americans will be looking for creative ways to exercise their personal freedom — and spit-free tobacco is one of those ways.


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