Will cigarette advertisements be banned in places where under-18s can spot it?


To smoke or not to smoke, isn’t that the question? However, believing that the advertisements can sway people towards tobacco use and later addiction, the Swiss would decide whether or not these advertisements should be displayed in places where under-18s can spot them.

“The images are shocking to visitors: happy, glamorous couples smoking together in a cafe, cigarette packs open invitingly, wild western landscapes evoking the Marlboro man,” reported the New York Times.

For countries like India and others, the commercial promotion of cigarettes and alcohol is prohibited. Yes, the campaign posters had suggested that more children were smoking because of an attractive tobacco advertisement.

Out of concern and caution in the face of tobacco addiction, the Swiss decided to vote on whether such advertisements should be banned at potential sites of child exposure.

Last weekend, the region launched a referendum on understanding citizens’ opinions. According to reports, Swiss voters supported banning tobacco advertising everywhere young people could see.

The tobacco industry is estimated to contribute more than $6bn (£4.5bn; €5bn) a year and 11,000 jobs to the Swiss economy. Compared to most of Europe, cigarettes here are cheap and 27% of Swiss adults smoke – more than the European average,” the BBC report read.

Switzerland is one of the few places in Europe that does not completely prohibit the purchase of tobacco-related products by minors. Still, some parts of the country ban sales to children under 18 or 16, while others have no minimum age and no strict standards on blowing in public.

Posted: Thursday February 17th 2022, 4:11 PM IST


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